Looking to the future

MEUPE is in continuous search of excellence. Without technological limitations. Capable of designing and programming any production model.  


  • Programming engineering
  • Design engineering and tool manufacturing
  • Engineering of modelling

Bastion. Precision. Quality.

Experience and precision, our hallmarks. They are adjusted to perfection in our department of engineering. Without technological limitation. Capable of designing and programming any production model with the maximum efficiency. Continuously improving. And with the necessary versatility to adapt to the needs of each client. Without delay. With the maximum guarantees of quality.  

Technology employed

Engineering, the development of an idea until it takes shape in a technical result, is our most valuable resource. And in this process the creativity is used to find the most appropriate solutions for each client and their needs. Always with the highest quality. Backed by the minute error rates at the time of entering the design of the mechanic parts into the production chain. Thanks to the detailed study of each order and to the exact programing so that the machines can cut metal.


When the order reaches our department with its documentation and its particular technical specifications, a design of its production is made with the Catia and Unigraphics programme. The auxiliary tools that are needed to construct the requested parts are also determined, taking into account the dimensional and geometric tolerances of each material and each specific order. It is in this step where the reliability of Meupe is adapted to the maximum, when the whole production process is designed and the precise adjustments are carried out in our machinery, meeting the maximum standards of quality.


Scrupulously respecting the delivery times of the client. Commitment that Meupe can offer thanks to a set of latest generation machines that complement the reliability provided by our oldest and most experienced mechanical devices, which have carved out the precision of the company’s brand.


C-101 | C-212 | CN-235 | C-295 | A-400M | EF-2000 (ala) | EF-2000 (depósito lanzable) | MD-95 (Andalucía Aerospacial) | MD11 | SAAB- 2000 | A-300 | A-310 | A-320 | A-320 (Maind Cargo Door) | A-320 NEO (Fan Cowl) | A-330 | A-330 (MRTT) | A-340 | A-340 (dinteles y umbrales) | A-380 (Belly Fairing) | B-737 (alerones / flaperones) | P3 ORION | FALCON 7X | FALCON 5X | BOMBARDIER | SIKORSKI-92 (tren de aterrizaje) | NH90 | EMBRAER KC-190 | EMBRAER KC-390 (fuselaje central y tren de aterrizaje).