Leadership and competitiveness in aeronautical production. Meupe is always at the forefront of performance, by innovating and applying the best technologies of the market.  


  • Production line of cubic parts and turning parts
  • Heat treatments
  • Auxiliary operations: grinding, threading, carving, broaching
  • Final surface treatments. Equipment and assembly of parts and structures

Raw material to final product

We have the technology and we are competitive. And we are certified for the development of aeronautical standards that can go in any aircraft. Few companies in the world are capable of controlling by themselves the entire manufacturing process, from its origin as raw material to its conversion into the final product.

Production means

Conventional milling machines – Parallel lathes – Vertical threaders – Drill – Lapping machines for interiors – Lapping machine for flat surfaces – Centreless grinding machine – Universal grinding machine – Tangential grinding machine – Threading machine for LAM – Broaching machines -Engraver– TIG and MIG welding equipment.

Means of numeric control

High-speed five-axis machining centres (four of them palletised) – Three-axis machining centres – Four-axis machining centres – CNC lathes – Robotic CNC lathes – Universal grinding machine (exteriors and interiors).

Heat treatments

  • Horno. Rango de temperaturas: 485 ºC y 620 ºC (+- 5ºC)
  • Estufa. Rango de temperaturas: 190 ºC y 425 ºC (+- 8ºC)


In the following links you can see the complete list of the machinery available in our central headquarters in Umbrete, Seville: