Meupe International – Tangiers (Morocco)

Given the circumstances of the sector and the level of maturity of the company, we saw the need to establish ourselves abroad in order to continue with our policy of growth. We consider it an important need to position ourselves as a competitive group in the highly demanding aeronautical and automobile sectors, as well as diversifying the risk by expanding markets and clients. To have a presence in the top hierarchical levels of the sector, close to the demands of the OEM and Tier 1. After several years of study and market research in countries such as Tunisia, Poland, Morocco and Portugal, we decided that the most convenient market would be the Kingdom of Morocco, which is experiencing strong economic growth thanks to its agreements with the European Union and the reforms undertaken for the greater liberation of its economy. Our strategic situation in the Export Free Zone becomes an ideal location from a logistical point of view. Its growing industrial fabric – with the implementation of big automobile companies such as Renault and aeronautical companies like Bombardier in Casablanca– and its auxiliary industry, as well as the effort from the Moroccan administration for the training of qualified workers that meets these new requirements of large companies, make Morocco a market with a great potential. The headquarters of MEUPE in Morocco currently works as a plant of specialised machining of turning parts and is considering a project of incorporation of new machines very soon. José Luis León is the Director of Operations. MEUPE International – MAIN MACHINERY