The firm

Meupe is a company specialised in precision machining for the aeronautical sector. It also covers sectors such as the automobile and medicine sector. Commitment, quality and competitiveness with the highest levels of requirement.

Comprehensive process

Linear development of the product in the Meupe plant. From the purchase of the raw material, manufacture of the part, heat treatment and final processes until the final delivery to the client. All the processes are controlled within Meupe, which improves efficiency in delivery and responsiveness.  


Meupe está especializado en la fabricación de mecanismos aeronáuticos. Para el mecanizado de revolución de piezas de hasta 1 metro, cuenta con la tecnología para trabajar piezas de aluminio, acero y/o titanio de hasta 3 metros gracias a sus máquinas de 5 ejes, y realiza otros procesos como el tallado, brochado y lapeado.

Meupe is specialised in the fabrication of aeronautical mechanisms. For the revolving machining of parts up to 1 metre, Meupe has the technology to work aluminium, steel and/or titanium parts of up to 3 metres thanks to their machines with 5 axes, and perform other processes such as carving, grinding and lapping. It possesses a wide experience in heat treatments and grinding of parts. Even though the aeronautical companies account for 85% of the production of Meupe, this firm also provides the automobile industry with the manufacture of parts and the automation of processes, manufacturing special machines and offering engineering services within this sector. For this the contribution of GNES, a company belonging to the Meupe Group, is essential. 

What we make

  • Cubic parts
  • Turning parts
  • Equipped elementals
  • Small sets


  • Precision machining of parts (up to 3 metres in length)
  • Certification and fabrication of aeronautical standards (CAN cases and standard parts of different technologies of manufacture)
  • Manufacture of aeronautical mechanisms
  • Assembly of sets and equipment
  • Comprehensive management of equipped elements
Automobile industry
  • Manufacture of turning parts and machinery.
  • Engineering support and automation of modernisation processes of machines, etc.