Quality and efficiency define Meupe when serving their Tier 1 clients. The company is certified for the manufacture of CAN aeronautical standards of AIRBUS. The aim is to position itself among the three best machining companies of the world. Since 1979 Meupe has specialised in the manufacture of parts and in the assembly of mechanisms and complex machining for the demanding aeronautical sector.  

Mission, vision and values

Precision and experience. These are the two pillars that govern the philosophy of Meupe, a company specialised in the aeronautical and automobile industry. Commitment, quality and competitive prices are the outlines that determine the work, performed with the highest levels of exigency. Meupe is a company that has the best human capital to perform all types of machining. And it avails of the most modern technology and machinery that currently exists. This allows it to guarantee the work with the maximum rigour and to fulfil the levels of requirement of any client. That’s why it is committed to delivering the orders without delay, as we know that this factor is crucial in any production chain.  


  • The best quality: our logo.
  • Competitiveness and efficiency in the delivery: our goal.
  • Control of the whole production line: our guarantee.
  • Because Meupe has the most advanced technology of the market.


  • To increase investment and competitiveness.
  • Obtain complete excellency in the manufacture of machining.
  • To achieve the production of increasingly more complex parts and parts of a larger size.
  • To start the manufacture of more complex cubic parts.
  • Diversify the clients and widen Meupe’s market.
  • Perfect adaptation to the requirements of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  • Attract the hiring of manufacturers of series and long cycles.
  • Continue adding to the products the added value of cutting-edge technology, exclusive to Meupe, and differentiate itself more and more from the competition.