founder   Eulogio Peña Gonzalez, general director of Meupe, son of the founder of the company and with the same name, has continued his family saga for the last quarter of a century, always at the forefront of the aeronautical industry.. An industrial engineer by profession, he considers this business as very vocational. «The demands of the clients are very high. The investments are astronomical figures. You have to enjoy this, especially the mechanics,» he says.  


Customer service
Process control


team member
Rafael Romero
Director of Operations
Industrial Engineering with a long history in senior management roles in the aeronautical sector. Extensive experience in the management of multidisciplinary teams.
team member
Pablo del Barco
Financial Director
Business graduate with a masters in Financial Management from ESIC. Del Barco is in charge of assuring the liquidity and balance of the Meupe accounts.
team member
Teresa Peña
International Projects
Graduate in Business and an expert in foreign commerce. She directs the implementation of Meupe in Morocco. Always on the lookout for new clients and markets with her passport in her handbag.
team member
Marisa Toledo
In charge of Administration
At the head of the Department of Administration, she has centred her professional career in the Meupe Company. There is no problem that she cannot solve, nor any incident that gets overlooked.
team member
José Moreno
Director of Production
Industrial Engineering technician specialising in mechanics. His route through Meupe has brought him through practically all the areas of this machining company.
team member
Manuel Gutiérrez
Director of Quality
Graduate in Environmental Sciences, guarantees the conformity of the product from the laboratory before its delivery to the client and on finalising each process of production.
team member
Domingo Navarro
Workshop manager
He minimises any incident in machining and machines. He optimises the machining times and links with the department of Programming and Machining for final adjustments.

Human Resources

support Quality, the most valuable asset of Meupe, is also felt in the human capital of the company. Its workers are in continuous training following a multipurpose framework for each employee depending on their qualification and the needs of each department. Meupe, furthermore, has implanted the LEAN philosophy of adjusted and clean production in its entire production line. It does not settle for merely being competitive and achieving the best quality. Also the best practices possible are followed in the performance of the jobs and the maximum reduction of the environmental impact of the production. Always looking for the best competitiveness and constant improvement in terms of quality.

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